Chasing Excellence

The title of the book is Chasing Excellence, but it’s really an invitation. An invitation to a journey – both mine and yours. I think as people spend a few hours in this book, they will see themselves and see the things that they have been chasing. Maybe what they have been chasing have brought them some good things in their business and their life, but maybe they’re not feeling the peace, joy or satisfaction that should accompany excellence.

Chasing Excellence has an interesting double meaning…yes, we want to get better and we want to grow, but we also need to find those things that we are chasing that are not about excellence at all, but are really leading us to some outcomes that we don’t want. Join me as I share the Top 10 Leadership Truths that help high-performing leaders chase the right things and will lead to the highest levels of achievement and satisfaction.

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Many leadership books quote research that says 50 percent of leaders are born and 50 percent can be taught or grown. I think there are leadership books for the brain to help you increase your business intelligence. There are also leadership books about the heart, which are about inspiring people and helping them find their “why.” This book is different, because it is going to go even deeper than that.

This is going to go into the very foundation of the leader. Every leader has a foundation they have built their growth on. This book is going to go down into the footings of that foundation. It will go beyond the mind and beyond the heart, so you can build a structure that will hold more, reaches higher, and impacts more people than maybe you ever have before.

About the Author

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John Wright has a passion for inspiring leaders to lead without borders. He has the unique ability to help uncover opportunities and unearth inner-core strengths to overcome your deepest business and personal challenges. Whether you are a battle-tested industry veteran, or are new to an important leadership post, John will help you and your team transition big strategic ideas into successful actions that deliver results today and outcomes for a bigger future tomorrow.