Andrew Blake

I joined John’s executive roundtable about three years ago. Before I had experience with many mentoring groups and senior leadership “gurus”; but none has come close to John. As a leader and facilitator of senior level executives, John is hands-down the best in the business. He is able to blend his business leadership experience with his strong faith into helping senior-level executives work through very challenging business and life issues from a different perspective; facilitating strategies, solutions and accountability that has proven invaluable to me. I highly recommend John for any engagement requiring emotional maturity, intelligence and a sense of humor. He is a great communicator; humble, yet strong and persistent in his ability to challenge conventional “wisdom” with the truth.

Kathy Woodliff

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by John for the past 3-years. John has great insights and asks the right questions. He is great at challenging me along with providing great encouragement. He quickly gets to the heart of the issue, and I have grown as a result.

Dr. John Townsend
John Townsend, PhD Consulting

John is a very proficient executive coach. In his work as an Executive Coach & Group Chair, I have observed that he not only has strategic gifts, but he combines them with a deep and natural insight into the “people space” and develops CEO’s at very high levels. He is a person who combines high performance with a very high level of authenticity.

Joseph McCormack
Sheffield Company

John is an exceptional executive coach. As we deepen our relationship, he works hard to understand me not only as an entrepreneur but also as a person with many dimensions at play in my life. I’m hard pressed to recall someone who is such an active listener; he really gives me the time and space to be heard. He doesn’t rush to judgment before he coaches. I consider him an invaluable partner personally and professionally.

Bill Moore

John has been my coach for the last four years. During that time our company revenue doubled, EBIDTA tripled, and we tripled the number of employees. As a leader, I have made significant improvements in my senior staff and our ability to plan. Having grown emotionally and intellectually as a leader, husband, and father…my life has been dramatically improved because of my friends and my coach, John Wright. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend John and his programs.

Mike O'Reilly
Matrix Designs, LLC

John is a gifted executive coach who has helped me better understand who I am, how I’m wired, and why I’m here. He has a unique ability to challenge me to grow in areas of my personal and professional life. I continue to learn from every one to one session we have. I can’t wait until my next one to one because I’m excited to continue to grow, develop and learn so I may increase my value as a leader with my family, in my community and with my employer.

Phyllis Ginestra
CFO | Ticomix, Inc.

I highly recommend John for anyone serious about self-improvement. It’s hard to describe the experience to people who have noticed the positive changes in me, but what I often start by noting is that my coach was always present for me and I genuinely felt that my journey was a well-crafted curriculum designed especially for me. John pays close attention to the details and has a keen skill for connecting the dots of each of our unique and complicated lives. He’s equal parts real person, generous mentor, kind friend, and tough-as-nails task master. While it is hard work and there’s some homework involved, as they say, ‘no pain, no gain’.

Rich Rafdahl
Principal |Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.

John Wright is one of those unique individuals who has the innate ability to share experienced and savvy business perspectives while opening his client’s hearts and minds to the personal challenges that may be limiting their potential – into a total coaching package. John’s skill at cutting through the clutter and providing clarity on the real issues set the stage for improvement both personally and commercially on multiple levels. If you would like to elevate your game personally, commercially or spiritually John can help develop a strategy that will deliver the results you deserve.